Space age cooling and heating exists because a great honest service is so hard to find these days. After being in the service industry and seeing such neglect and dishonesty we knew that the general public deserved an honest qualified service company finally. We have stepped up to the plate with products that are high quality, services that are guaranteed and working for you in your best interests.
It seems today weather its your car dealership, cell phone company, or cable provider etc etc etc. You cannot find honesty or integrity. We are here to remind you of how you deserve to be treated, and to give you confidence that at least one honest service provider still exists, and we work for you.

Space Age Cooling and Heating performs every call with passion and purpose. Our customers rest easy knowing that their service company has worked hard to be educated and prepared to do the job right every time. You can rest comfortably when your family’s environment is healthy and comfortable. Our 100% Customer Appreciation Guarantee ensures that the customer decides if we are as honest about our service as we say we are. If you have ever been mislead or taken advantage of, you share our dedication.