How To Clean Your Condenser

Nothing replaces regularly scheduled maintenance from Space Age Cooling and Heating in Brevard County when it comes to protecting and preserving the life of your Brevard County air conditioning unit. Simply put, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. If your AC unit needs repair anywhere from Melbourne Beach, Satellite Beach, North Patrick, Cocoa Beach, and beyond call Space Age for the guaranteed best service experience you can encounter. We never charge for service calls and you can read our trustworthy reviews to see how our customers feel about the work we do.

Of course, we would love your business, but we also want to help you beat the heat by giving you tips to keep your unit running smoothly.

Your AC’s condenser, the large box like structure outside, takes a beating on a daily basis. Constant berating from the sun, crazy downpours during the middle of the day, high winds, and more can leave your condenser in a state of shock. However, it is pretty simple to clean it yourself.

Choose a warm day
This one is not too hard considering we live in Brevard. Choose a day when the temperature is at least sixty degrees.

Turn the power off
Most condensers have an outside power source you need to disconnect before you begin any work. If there is not a plug outdoors simply flip the breaker to cut the power. Easy!

Clear debris
Remove limbs, leaves, grass, and other materials that may be surrounding your condenser. It may be wise to wear a pair of gardening gloves as well to protect yourself from scrapes and cuts.

Quick rinse
Using a standard garden hose, gently spray off the condenser unit. Again, be sure that the power is off!

Work from the inside out
Using your trusty hose, spray the inside condenser coils. Don’t overdo it here. You never want the fan motor to become soaked. Take it slow and easy. After this, rinse off the outside as well.

Turn the power on
You are done! That was pretty easy wasn’t it?

This type of cleaning is pretty simple but your unit may need a more expert touch. You might also not feel comfortable doing this yourself and that is absolutely okay. Space Age Cooling and Heating can help you get your condenser into tiptop shape and restore it to its fresh out of the box glory. No job is too small for us.

What You Can Do About Humidity in Your Home

Humidity is something residents of Brevard County experience all year. Thanks to our tropical climate, beaches, and sunny weather humidity is just something we have to learn to deal with. The water vapor in the air hangs around like a wet blanket and while that may make for comfortable fall and winter weather, it is atrocious for the air quality within your home. If you have ever experienced a moisture issue inside your house then you know just how uncomfortable, and potentially dangerous, it can be. Whether you live in Melbourne Beach, Indialantic, Satellite Beach, or Cocoa Beach, humidity is probably something you have to manage on a daily basis. Picking the right Melbourne FL HVAC contractor is essential.

Humidity can cause major mayhem on the interior of your home. Soggy carpets are a breeding ground for mold. Wood flooring responds to fluctuations in temperature and humidity too. As moisture conditions change, so does the wood absorbing or loosing moisture in response to changes in the air. Tile flooring is much more capable of handling humidity in the air and is why many Floridians choose this type of flooring.

Ever noticed the paint on the walls of your home peeling or developing bubbles? This is evidence of a humidity issue. Humidity begins as a cosmetic issue, but if not addressed, will develop into a health hazard. The wet air and dark spaces behind walls and ceilings are the perfect breeding ground for mold and bacteria. Once you have a mold issue, major work will need to be done in order to make your home habitable again.

Items you have in storage can also be affected by excess moisture in the air. If the indoor humidity is above 60, your dry goods will become stale. Can goods will rust and swell making them inedible. Your clothing and seasonal decorations can be affected too. When you put these things away, especially in the attic, make sure adequate ventilation is available.

Are you concerned about humidity in your home? Space Age Cooling and Heating in Brevard County can help you address the problem and provide you with a viable solution. Our purification system will have you living comfortably and with confidence knowing the excess humidity is gone and the health problems it can create along with it.

How to Choose an Air Conditioning Repair Company in Melbourne

air conditioning repair company There is no shortage of air conditioning service companies in Brevard County, FL. A quick Internet search will provide you with multiple choices. So, how do you know whom to call when your unit is on the fritz? With so many options, it is easy to feel overwhelmed. Space Age Cooling and Heating in Brevard County wants to give you tips on selecting the perfect contractor. Choosing a right air conditioning repair company does not have to be a daunting process if you know what to look for.


Experience is key. Trying a new dish at a restaurant is one thing, choosing a contractor is something entirely different. It is best to go with a company that has been around and has an established customer base. Ask around and find out what company your friends, family, and neighbors use. Check online reviews just be a little cautious with this one. It is easy to hide behind anonymity when posting reviews on line so it is best to get reviews in person as well.


Do they know your system? If a company has never worked with your brand of AC before that is a big red flag. They may be a little less expensive but if they aren’t knowledgeable you could end up paying tenfold due to a mistake.


Does the company guarantee their work? Space Age Cooling and Heating guarantees our services and gives you a full 12 months to make sure you are happy. Our service calls are always free so you do not have to worry about the expense of attempting to find out what is wrong with your system.


Quality work comes from a continued desire to learn and be up to date on the latest technology and trends in the HVAC field. Space Age Cooling and Heating is consistently seeking to improve our knowledge base and our certifications attest to that. We are licensed, bonded, and insured so you never have to worry about the professional who is coming to your home.

Still have questions about which air conditioning repair company to call when you need repairs in Satellite Beach, or anywhere else in Brevard? The answer, no matter where you are located, is Space Age Cooling and Heating. One look at our customer reviews and you will see why we are the best choice in the business.

How To Keep Cool

Floridians are on an almost constant quest to keep cool. Our year-round sunny climate brings with it a lifestyle that provides practically everyone the chance to experience the great outdoors. Unfortunately, it also contributes to a higher than national average, by forty percent, use of electricity.

According to the Energy Information Administration, about ninety percent of energy used by homeowners in Florida is electrical; a large portion of that energy expenditure taken up by the cooling system in your home. It makes sense to stay on top of your cooling system, no matter the season, to avoid excess energy usage and, in turn, higher electrical bills. Home cooling systems are generally given a 12 to 15 year life expectancy by manufactures. So why to some go the distance and longer while others bite the dust?

You have questions and your Brevard County air conditioning contractor has answers. Let’s find out why.

Regular Maintenance – Or a lack thereof

We’ve said it before and we will say it again; the importance of routine maintenance is key in extending the life of your HVAC unit. You wouldn’t go years without getting an oil change or weeks without putting gas in your car so why treat one of your home’s most expensive appliances any different?

Our maintenance plans guarantee that any issues you have will be found and eliminated before disaster strikes. And we never require a prepayment for them. You can rest easy knowing your AC unit won’t wimp out no matter the season.

Forgetting to Change the Filters

This one is crucial. Filters are a line of defense for your AC and help catch debris and detritus from escaping into the air. However, if you are not changing your filters routinely dirt can build up and block airflow. This translates into an AC that has to work much harder to cool efficiently. recommends changing your filter once a month during high usage and every three months at the absolute minimum.

Changing filters is something every homeowner can do to make assist their AC in running smoothly.

Excess Thermostat Adjustments

Constantly adjusting the thermostat to keep your home comfortable makes your system work much harder. If this is something you find yourself doing routinely perhaps it is wise to consider a thermostat upgrade.

Programmable thermostats allow you to set temps and times for them to come on or off eliminating the need to change settings on a whim. We can help you find a viable solution for your needs.

Mold in My AC?

No doubt about it, Brevard County, FL, and the cities comprising the Space Coast, is humid places to reside. Our pristine beaches coupled with higher temps and the natural composition of our area’s eco-system make for wet air year round. Our tropical climate makes us an enviable destination and can also be a breeding ground for mold and mildew. Your Melbourne FL HVAC specialist is in the business of providing quality craftsmanship and second to none customer service to meet the needs of our valued clients.

From Melbourne Beach to Cocoa Beach, we have been helping solve your cooling and heating needs. Over the years, we have seen our share of mold and mildew and we know what an issue it can be. Indoor air quality is incredibly significant to the health of your family and we want the air in your home free from mold spores that can be dangerous for anyone inhaling them. Let’s get started.

Many homeowners are not alerted to a mold issue within their homes until they begin to smell a difference in the air. Mold has a characteristic damp smell often referred to as “musty.” One whiff of that dank smell that accompanies mold it is safe to assume that mold is growing somewhere. While it can be easy to spot mold growth on carpets, ceilings, and walls, many stop their search there. When they cannot find the source of the mold they are at a loss. Sometimes it takes a more in-depth search to sniff out the root of the mold source. A good place to dig deeper is the air conditioner.

Mold loves dark wet areas and thrives under these conditions. This makes an air conditioning unit a breeding ground. Mold in ac can, in fact, grow in various parts of an air conditioning unit primarily: the coils, ducts, vents, and drip pans. Condensation is the leading contributor to mold growth in and around the various parts of your AC unit. Dust, grime, muck, and organic materials like leaves combined with condensation are the perfect recipe for mold. Once an issue of mold in AC is identified homeowners must be proactive. Call Space Age Cooling and Heating and let one of our experts come out and inspect your unit. We can find the source and eliminate the problem.

The best defense against mold in ac is offense. Taking preventive steps can save homeowners time, money, and their health. Remove damp areas in the home by using a humidifier. Make sure the house is properly insulated. Remove debris from around the outside AC unit and keep filters changed. These steps are powerful deterrents and will assist homeowners in averting a mold issue.

When To Call An HVAC Expert

HVAC ExpertMany folks believe they are capable of handling Cocoa Beach air conditioning issues by themselves and forgo the advice of experts in doing so. This is not to say they are wrong, only that sometimes you simply need to bite the bullet and call in the professionals. So how do you know what you can handle alone and what needs the expert touch of Space Age Cooling and Heating? Hopefully we can answer some of your questions below.

However, it must be stated that when in doubt give us a call. Many a handyperson can unintentionally create a bigger more expensive problem by attempting repairs they are not capable of handling.

Clogged Filters

Yes. You can do this on your own relatively pain free. To determine the size of your filter check your owner’s manual or pull out the old filter and measure. If you choose the later route be sure to account for the width and length and don’t forget the thickness. This is important.

Clean Coils

This one is a little tricky. Accessing the coils can be a challenge but is doable by most. You must make sure your unit is turned off before attempting this, however, so do not forget. If you are the least bit hesitant simply give Space Age Cooling a call. We can do it for you and prevent any mishaps on your part. Think smarter and not harder on this one.

Leaky Refrigerant

No. Nope. No way. If your AC is leaking there is a malfunction somewhere or the refrigerant was not properly installed and this is something you should not do yourself. In this case it is best to call Space Age Cooling and Heating.

Cleaning Around the HVAC Unit

Yep. You can do this. Make sure your machine is turned off before picking up around it though. Pretty much anyone can remove leaves, limbs, debris, and other yard trash from the area surrounding the outside portion of your AC. Things get trickier once detritus has made its way inside. While you may feel comfortable trying to remove the garbage, the wiser choice is to give us a call.

As you can see, some situations are easy for homeowners to solve. Others need to be taken care of by professionals. Regular maintenance by Space Coast Cooling and Heating is your best bet when it comes to preventing common issues that arise from your HVAC unit.

Getting To Know The HVAC Industry

The HVAC industry is full of acronyms that are often beyond the average layman’s ability to articulate. HVAC is a term you will often come across within the heating and cooling business and stands for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. Your Melbourne FL HVAC experts are highly qualified HVAC professionals who service all of Brevard County and the Beachside with quality AC repair. AC. There’s another industry acronym. This one, however, is familiar to just about anyone as it stands for air conditioning, something we just cannot live without on the Space Coast.

Perhaps you have been on the hunt for a reliable company to come out and service your AC in Satellite Beach. Maybe you are in need of a repair on your HVAC unit in Cocoa Beach. Are you considering replacing your current model for one that is better suited for the needs of your family? If so, you may have been doing research on your own to determine the steps you need to take and in doing so come up against a sea of industry acronyms that you have never seen before.

Below you will find a list of common HVAC acronyms to keep you informed on your search. Knowledge is power and once you are informed (and even if you aren’t) call Space Age Cooling and Heating. We are equipped to answer your questions, and assist you with tricky terminology, to help you beat the heat. Let’s dive in.


Air conditioning units come with a SEER rating that can baffle consumers. SEER stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio and is a measure of the cooling efficiency that heat pumps and air conditioners. This number is significant because it allows consumers to know the competency of their cooling systems. All AC models created after 2006 must have a SEER rating of at least 13. Does yours? If not, it may be time for an upgrade. Higher SEER values equate to higher energy efficiency so be on the look out for that.


HSPF is SEER’s hotter older brother and stands for Heating Seasonal Performance Factor. Much like the SEER rating, HSPF allows consumers to see the heating efficiency of their HVAC unit. As with the SEER value, the higher the number the more proficient the model.


The American Society of Heating, Refrigeration, and Air Conditioner Engineers, ASHRE for short, may be a term you come across whilst perusing the Internet for information. This worldwide group of professionals is dedicated to research and education pertaining to advancements of the sciences and arts regarding refrigeration, air conditioning, and heating. You can thank this organization for new and exciting advancements in green technology and energy efficiency.

How Can I Improve Indoor Air Quality

When many people visualize air pollution, a gray picture of dense hazy fog hanging lugubriously over skyscrapers in heavily populated urban areas usually comes to mind. Tall coal stacks exhaling detritus into the air and black smoke from useless mufflers are other images that convey polluted air.

Sounds gross right? But, did you know that your indoor air quality could be polluted as well? You may not have a plume of gray smoke hanging about your ceiling but that does not mean that pollutants are not affecting the air in your home. Obvious things like cigarette smoke and toxic chemicals are sources of pollutants but so are things like damp carpet and pet dander.

Home cleaning products, left over asbestos, glues used for hobbies and combustible items like gas, oil, coal and wood can also be to blame. It isn’t necessarily the compound or chemical but rather the amount of it that is emitted into the air and the hazardous nature of the source that should be taken into account. Your Melbourne FL HVAC specialist wants to share some tips to clean up your air and live a healthier life.

So what can you do to clean up your air?

Remove Toxic Sources

Some cleaning agents may remove the muck from your counter tops but can cause harm to you so opt for “greener” options like vinegar if you can. Phthalates, a common agent used in items that have a fragrance, can mess with your endocrine system. Try unscented products next time you need to freshen up. Ammonia is another common cleaning agent that can seriously affect those with breathing or lung problems. According to Experience Life, Vodka can easily be used in place of ammonia for a streak free shine.

These are only a few examples of potential hazardous materials in your home cleaning closet so take a few moments and examine your favorite cleaning supplies before using them next time. Healthier alternatives are available for most things.

Monitor Carbon Dioxide

Carbon Dioxide is an odorless deadly gas that can strike without warning unless you are prepared. By simply installing a carbon dioxide detector you can breathe easier knowing you and your loved ones will be alerted in case of detection.

Get Rid of Humidity

Humid conditions are just a fact of life in Brevard County, FL and Space Age Cooling and Heating knows just that. But all that wet air can be a breeding ground for mold and bacteria that only pollutes your indoor air even further. We have products and equipment that can assist you in controlling and eliminating the humid air in your home and we would love to talk to you about them today.

Indoor air quality, or a lack thereof, plays a vital role in the health of you and your family. Air pollution is not something you can avoid entirely by staying indoors and that is why it is crucial that you do all you can to rid your home of toxins and hazards. Breathe easy friends!

Protecting Your AC From Theft

AC theftAir conditioners offer a valuable service to homeowners: cool air! Anyone in the Brevard County area knows just how priceless this modern marvel is especially if they have ever had to live without it during the sweltering months of summer. A few hours without air during record temps and high humidity can spell disaster for you and your family.

Many times families are forced to go through situations like this because of an issue with their AC. Condensers fail. Ductwork gets clogged. Thermostats break. If this is the case give Space Age Cooling and Heating a call. We will send out an expert to investigate your problem and find a viable solution for you. We service all of Brevard including the beachside and surrounding areas. Do you call Melbourne Beach or Indialantic your home? No problem. Do you reside a little farther north in Indian Harbour Beach or South Patrick? We have you covered there as well. We offer expert HVAC repair across Brevard and welcome your call.

Space Age Cooling and Heating can service your cooling unit anywhere in Brevard. What we cannot do is ensure that your cooling unit remains safe from would be thieves looking to cash in on all the valuable copper and metal contained within. Air conditioners spell big bucks for burglars looking to make a quick steal. This may be news to you but don’t lose heart. As always Space Age Cooling and Heating wants to give you tools and tips to keep your unit safe and worry free.

Install Motion Lights Near Your AC

Light can be a powerful deterrent to the less than savory looking to snatch up your machine. Strategically placed motion activated lights can be a powerful resource and add security to your home and your machine. Bonus: these lights can also serve as great features for highlighting architectural and landscape areas around your home as well.

If you want to go a step further install security cameras as well.

Install a Security Cage

Copper costs around $3.00 a pound and your AC unit contains enough to score a thief around $100.00. While this isn’t much in the grand scheme of things for them, it costs you, the owner, thousands of dollars. Securing your HVAC unit with a cage is a no brainer.

Many varieties exist when it comes to cages from very basic to out and out elaborate. Do your homework or ask one of our professionals what would work best for your scenario.

Alarm Your System

Chances are you have a home alarm system of some type so why not extend that coverage to one of the most expensive appliances you own? This may seem like overkill but try going without cool air and paying to replace your unit. This may make you reconsider your initial hesitancies.

Your home HVAC unit plays a very important role in the comfort of your family so protect it! Keep the cool air coming with safety measures and a great maintenance plan like one offered by Space Age Cooling and Heating.

How to Keep Your Air Conditioner Safe During a Storm

Air Conditioner Safe During StormBrevard County is anxiously awaiting the arrival of tropical storm Erika. Currently Erika is classified as a tropical storm brewing out in the Atlantic but could reach hurricane status in the next few days and that means residents on the mainland and beachside should be prepping for the worst-case scenario.

When many consider the preparations that need to be taken for a potential storm adequate food, sufficient battery supply, alternative power sources such as generators, and candles top the list, but what about your cooling system? Have you given any thought to this important appliance and how you should prepare it for such an event?

Space Age Cooling and Heating wants your AC to survive the storm. We have some tips to keep your Melbourne FL HVAC running effectively no matter what Erika, or any other storm, may bring.

Before the Storm

Many natural disasters strike without a moments notice. Thankfully, we suppose, tropical storms and hurricanes make their presence known in the Atlantic before they hit home so you have time to prepare.

Make sure your AC unit is free from debris and remove potential flying objects as best you can before it is too late to get outside. Cut tree limbs, stow patio furniture and potted plants in a safe place, and cover your unit if possible.

Once you know the projected arrival time of the storm set your thermostat to run a few degrees cooler for a while and then turn your AC off. Will this result in a warmer home environment? In the long run, yes. However, setting your thermostat to a cooler temperature a few hours before tuning your unit off will allow for cooler air to fill your home once you turn the AC off.

During the Storm

While you may be feeling the heat inside your home do not turn your AC on. It isn’t safe first of all. Erratic power conditions along with lightening strikes and outages can wreak havoc on your AC if it is turned on so, while it may be tempting, keep the air conditioner off. The stress of fluctuating power can really mess up key components of your unit like the air compressor and long after the storm has passed you may have to spend big bucks to replace them.

After the Storm

Wait until the storm passes and it is safe to go outside and then turn on your HVAC as soon as possible. Be prepared for a delay in response time due to power disruptions that may have occurred during the downpour.

It is important to turn your AC on as soon as it is safe to do so to prevent the growth of mold in the unit and ductwork systems. High humidity and increased heat bode well for the growth of bacteria and mold and you want to stifle that environment as soon as you can. Plus, you and your family will relish the cool air after a few hours or days without it.

There are so many things that must be taken care of in the midst of a storm. First and foremost is the health and safety of your family. Take the necessary steps to keep your loved ones safe. This is your top priority! After that, try and remember to take into account your home appliances and cooling system.

Be safe out there Brevard!