Heat Gains and Window Treatments

Now that summer is here in Brevard County, FL we are all feeling the effects..even indoors. Have you ever noticed how warm your sliding glass doors feel from the inside? Your home transfers and absorbs heat from various sources and this process is referred to as heat gain. The sun is the primary source of heat gain within homes but it can come from other places as well. Your oven is an example of this

AC Routine Maintenance Checks: Don’t Get Burned

Your HVAC unit is one of the largest expenses you will make as a homeowner. Unfortunately, many folks fork over the cash and then neglect their huge investment. They only notice their unit when something goes wrong! Skyrocketing power bills and horrible heat inside during summer months are often what it takes for homeowners to invest in their unit. It doesn’t have to be this way. Regularly schedule ac routine maintenance checks by Space Age

Something Is In The Air

You never know what type of contaminants might be lurking in the deep recesses of your home. A home can be the source of “dirty” air, at least compared with the outside environment. The collection of moisture inside can lead to mold, possibly mold spores. Current forced-air systems may simply be moving bacteria and dust particles back-and-forth, circulating these particles within the home. Here in allergen-prone Central Florida, allergies can be inflamed by said allergens

Lean, Green, and Geothermal

Who wouldn’t be interested in reducing their monthly bills AND doing so in an environmentally friendly way? Florida is one of the top states for the technology, leading the way in growth of demand for geothermal systems. If a homeowner is serious about conservation and reducing costs over the long-term, they should definitely consider a geothermal heating and cooling system. Hiring a qualified and experienced Melbourne, FL air conditioning contractor to get the job done