Keep Your Air Clean Indoors

Keep Your Air CleanWe all know about the potential dangers of polluted air from the outside environment. Two contributors to air pollution in particular are the most hazardous to humans according to the American Lung Association: Smog and Particle Pollution. Particle Pollution is, in simplistic terms, a mixture of solids and drops of liquid hanging around in the air.

Exhaust from busted tailpipes is an example. Smog, otherwise known as ozone, is invisible, silent, and deadly. And all of this is waiting you just outside your front door. Don’t let debris from outside effect the air quality within your home.

As your Brevard County air conditioning contractor we invest in your health and that of your HVAC unit. We know there are factors outside of your control when it comes to air quality and we want to provide you with viable options you can do within your home to keep your air clean.

Install A Carbon Monoxide Detector

Carbon Monoxide is a deadly danger to homeowners and you and your family could be at risk and be absolutely oblivious about it. Installing a carbon monoxide detector can help keep your family safe and alert you to this odorless poisonous gas.

Reduce Humidity

Leaky roofs, less than airtight seals, and cracked foundations are all contributors to the humidity level in your home. Keeping humidity down increases your air quality and reduces the likelihood of developing a mold issue.

Choose the Proper Air Filter

Air filters allow for particles such as pet dander and hair, dirt, and debris to be caught before entering your cooling unit. Less junk in the air means superior air quality. Make sure the filter you choose is designed for your needs. If you have questions please call Space Age Cooling and Heating. We can assist you in finding the correct fit and remember our service calls are always free.

Routine AC Maintenance

If your cooling system is not functioning properly, it affects more than the temperature in your home. The quality of air inside will diminish and, the thing is, you can avoid it by having a maintenance plan. We can come out and check your unit and its parts before small problems become big issues.

Keep Chemicals Outside

Store toxic chemicals outside away from the inside of your home. Speaking of toxicity, make sure the paint you use in your home has a low volatile compound count. The paint you use can play a big role in your overall health so choose wisely.

Air quality is one of the most important things to protect when it comes to the health of your family and Space Age Cooling and Heating wants to help keep you safe. Contact us today regarding the purity of air in your home.

Simple Ways To Protect The Life Of Your HVAC Unit

Space Age Heating and Cooling in Brevard County, FL is all about reducing costs for our clients and serving customers with the utmost in integrity and professionalism. That’s why our Melbourne FL air conditioning service calls are always free and we offer a 12-month buy back guarantee. Yep, you read that right! We give you an entire year to decide whether our services were worth it. If they aren’t then we give you your money back. We know a lot is riding on the performance of your HVAC unit especially now that summer is in full swing in the Sunshine State.

Our commitment to cost effectiveness and customer service like no one else also incorporates providing you with tips to keep your unit running at its best. Believe it or not, there are some simple things you can do, apart from scheduling a yearly maintenance check, to help keep your AC functioning at its absolute best and to protect the life of your HVAC unit.

Summer is definitely the time for backyard barbecues not cozy dinners made on your range or in the oven. Remember heat gains? With all the additional heat created during the sweltering summer months don’t add to your home’s heat gains by overdoing it with inside cooking apparatuses. You can still entertain and have delicious home cooked meals but go for the grill. It could save you a ton in energy output from your cooling unit.

Check your thermostat every single day. Are you one to keep it blasting cool air even when you are not at home? If so, you are needlessly cooling a space no one is occupying. If you have a programmable thermostat adjust it for times when you will be outside of the home and prep it for your return. This is especially true for traveling. Don’t keep your home frigid on the inside when you will be gone weeks even days at a time. You will only be throwing your money away.

You can also attempt to set your thermostat at a higher temp. This choice isn’t for everyone. But if you think you can handle your home at a slightly higher temperature go for it. No programmable thermostat? No problem. Space Age Heating and Cooling can send out an expert and assist you with an upgrade.

Electronic devices such as televisions and lamps give off a ton of heat and if they are placed too close to your thermostat this can spell increased energy expenditures. If possible, keep electrical devices away from your thermostat. This is a simple fix that can save you big.

Check your filters often. The general recommendation for home filters is every 3 months but depending on multiple factors such as home environment and the type of filter you use it could be sooner or later. If you have pets or a large family you may need to change your filter more often than not.

The time to consider the reliability of your air conditioning unit is now. By taking a few simple steps you can keep your cool and your money all at the same time. Space Age Heating and Cooling is always available to answer questions and meet your needs. Remember, our service calls are always free so why not contact us today if you think you may be in need of anything.

Heat Gains and Window Treatments

Now that summer is here in Brevard County, FL we are all feeling the effects..even indoors. Have you ever noticed how warm your sliding glass doors feel from the inside? Your home transfers and absorbs heat from various sources and this process is referred to as heat gain. The sun is the primary source of heat gain within homes but it can come from other places as well. Your oven is an example of this too. Ever noticed how warm your kitchen feels when you are utilizing your oven? Heat is being transferred from within the oven to your kitchen causing things to warm up quickly.

At this point you may be wondering why we are even talking about heat gain. Isn’t that why you have an air conditioner? Here’s the thing, heat gain can make your apparatus work in overdrive, and that spells disaster for your unit over time. Space Age Heating and Cooling wants to keep you in the know so that you aren’t unwittingly causing your air conditioning unit to work harder than necessary. Harder work on the part of your HVAC equals more energy to function properly and that equates to more money on your power bill. Here are some tips to treat your windows to cut down on heat gain and keep your cooling apparatus working at its best.

Consider Installing Interior Blinds

Form meets function with these handy window decorations. You simultaneously block the rays from the sun and blinds can give your home a polished look. With so many options to choose from when it comes to style, blinds are a great asset and can save you money. In fact, fully closed blinds that cover the length and width of your windows can reduce heat gains in your home by 45%. That’s fantastic!

Decorative Window Films

These aren’t for everyone but they can give your windows higher reflectivity and that cuts back on heat gains as well. The downside to window films is that they can be hard to keep clean and prevent light from entering. The may also block visibility. However, they are still a great option to prevent heat gain and can save you money too.


If window films and blinds just aren’t your thing perhaps draperies are something worth considering. Drapes come in so many styles and fabrics and can be easily customizable to fit the décor of your home. What’s not to love about that? When choosing drapes to cut back on heat gains make sure to take into account the material they are made from. Flimsy almost transparent drapes may look lovely but they won’t do you much good when it comes to blocking out heat. Also, open drapes may look lovely but be sure to keep them closed during the hottest portions of the day to get maximum efficiency from them.

You have several choices when it comes to window treatments that also help prevent heat gains so decide what it is you want to achieve and go from there. If you are still experiencing difficulties with your cooling unit then most likely you need to call Space Age Heating and Cooling. We will send out one of our experts to assist you and get to the root of the problem. We have years of experience behind us and satisfied clients who can attest to our skills. Contact us today!

AC Routine Maintenance Checks: Don’t Get Burned

ac Routine MaintenanceYour HVAC unit is one of the largest expenses you will make as a homeowner. Unfortunately, many folks fork over the cash and then neglect their huge investment. They only notice their unit when something goes wrong! Skyrocketing power bills and horrible heat inside during summer months are often what it takes for homeowners to invest in their unit.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Regularly schedule ac routine maintenance checks by Space Age Heating and Cooling can keep your bills down and catch problems before they become expenses. Saving money isn’t the only reason to have your unit inspected on a routine basis. Quality of air within your home and efficiency are all compromised if your HVAC unit is running at it’s best. Here are a few reasons why scheduling a maintenance check is so valuable and necessary.

Catch Minor Repairs Before They Become Major

Sounds pretty simple, right? However, if you aren’t on top of your HVAC unit and neglect ac routine maintenance checks you could miss a potential problem. Why not catch potential issues before they become costly repairs. We can help with that!

Energy Efficiency

Efficient HVAC units heat and cool when prompted and save you big money. Space Age Heating and Cooling will check your unit from the inside out. We make sure every part of your machine is running smoothly from the fan blades to the blower wheel. Our team of experts is knowledgeable and pride themselves in a job done well and correctly. We will stop at nothing to make sure your machine runs with the utmost efficiency saving you time and money.

Better Quality Air

A machine at its peak not only cools or heats properly but also provides you and your family with better quality air inside. AC Routine maintenance checks ensure that you’re the air inside your home isn’t compromised by a malfunctioning HVAC unit.

Seasonal Preparedness

Brevard County boasts hot and humid summers and mild winters with, perhaps, a frosty night or two mixed in just for fun. Because of regularly scheduled maintenance checks with Space Age Heating and Cooling you can rest assured that no matter the weather you will be prepared. You won’t have to fear a busted machine during the height of August heat. One those one or two cold nights you don’t have to worry that your heat isn’t working. You can rest easy knowing your HVAC unit is functioning at its best.

Space Age Heating and Cooling specializes in Melbourne, FL air conditioning and provides superb rates on repairs and always get the job done right the first time. We save you money by doing the best work possible every single time. Our maintenance plans save you 10% on every service and are never prepaid. You can’t go wrong with this one! We take care of your equipment by strictly adhering to guidelines set forth by the manufacturers.

We know that the salty air in Brevard County can be tough on your HVAC unit so we apply protective coatings to ensure a long life for your machine. We keep you cool when it really heats up outside by keeping your cooling and heating appliance in the best state possible. You won’t have to pay for repairs because keeping up with regularly scheduled maintenance keeps things running smoothly.

Something Is In The Air

You never know what type of contaminants might be lurking in the deep recesses of your home. A home can be the source of “dirty” air, at least compared with the outside environment. The collection of moisture inside can lead to mold, possibly mold spores. Current forced-air systems may simply be moving bacteria and dust particles back-and-forth, circulating these particles within the home.

Here in allergen-prone Central Florida, allergies can be inflamed by said allergens entering the house (via window, door, or door screen), remaining to torture the unwary resident.

Americans, more concerned with healthy living than ever before, are spending an estimated $250 million annually in an attempt to purify their living areas. Many who purchase these purifiers suffer from asthma or allergies, but an increasing amount of customers are comprised of those who want to live in the cleanest environment possible. Who can blame them?

No matter the goal (asthma/allergy sufferers looking for relief or a resident intent on healthy living), it is important to ensure that the right purifier is installed. Readily available studies and tests indicate that some of the available products on the market may not be as effective as advertised and may actually be producing harmful results!

Fortunately, Space Age Cooling & Heating can provide the proper consultation and recommend effective air purification products for a customer’s needs.

There are several types of air purifiers available and the savvy consumer should be aware of some of them:

    1. Ionizing Purifiers – Dust or other large particles in the air are more likely to be ionized because of their size; these particles are passed through an electrical field, ionized and then are attracted to two charged metal plates within the purifier.
    2. HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) – a filter system, but meets Department of Energy standards set for it.
    3. Filters – a replacement cartridge system within a house’s duct system. Filters can have different materials: fiberglass, foam, cotton, synthetic fibers, etc.
    4. Ozone Generators – comparable to ionizing purifier, but designed to change oxygen molecules into ozone.
    5. Ultraviolet (UV) light – some products pass air through UV light as some micro-organisms are susceptible to UV radiation
    6. Adsorbents – adsorption (not absorption) is one substance becoming stuck on another. Charcoal, for example, which is porous, can trap the molecules of another substance

As always, it is important to understand the efficacy of the different air purification systems available. Space Age Cooling & Heating is ready to help.

Lean, Green, and Geothermal

Who wouldn’t be interested in reducing their monthly bills AND doing so in an environmentally friendly way? Florida is one of the top states for the technology, leading the way in growth of demand for geothermal systems. If a homeowner is serious about conservation and reducing costs over the long-term, they should definitely consider a geothermal heating and cooling system. Hiring a qualified and experienced Melbourne, FL air conditioning contractor to get the job done can eliminate excruciating headaches when it comes to your home cooling.

Discussion of the weather is an oft-used comedy trope in plays and movies, but what is rarely recognized by many is that the temperature below the earth remains relatively consistent year-round. It is this characteristic of the earth from which geothermal heating and cooling derives its benefits.

Geothermal processes incorporate this tendency of the earth’s temperature to remain stable into a source of heat for the winter and an escape for heat, or heat sink, during the summer, reducing reliance on costly electricity. The system may be referenced by different terms: geoexchange, ground-water assisted water-to-water, water furnace heating and cooling, etc. but the concept stays the same.

Generally, the heating process gets top billing in more northerly climes, but here in Florida, let’s talk about cooling first!

The cooling process consists of extracting the heat from the home environment and can either be moved to heat the hot water tank or be moved into the geothermal system consisting of an earth loop. A discussion of the different types of loops would be a good topic for another blog; but, basically, the loop consists of a series of underground pipes.

During the heating cycle, a heat pump extracts heat from the ground and distributes it conventionally through a home’s duct system. Again, the heat can be repurposed for additional uses, such as heating water or warming the floors.

The benefits of geothermal technology are many and varied:

Clean for the Environment

Without the need to burn fossil fuels or depend heavily on electricity, geothermal systems benefit the environment by operating cleanly.

Efficient and Cost-Effective

Homeowners looking to reduce their monthly heating and cooling bills by 50% or more may be interested in what geothermal systems can provide. It is important to understand that it is an investment and will initially cost more. However, the savings over the long-term are quite worthwhile, making it critical that the savvy homeowner understand the tradeoff.


Geothermal units do not require yearly maintenance since they are protected from the elements; they are quire reliable.

Any homeowner looking to replace or upgrade their heating and cooling systems should familiarize themselves with the benefits that geothermal technology can provide. Saving money and simultaneously going green are now critical pieces of the American dream.