Geothermal Heating and Cooling in Brevard County

Fresh clean air that is always set at the perfect temperature. Take a moment and imagine a home that is always comfortable and an HVAC system that is nowhere in sight. Does this sound like a dream? It isn’t when you have a geothermal heating and cooling system installed. Space Age Cooling and Heating services all of Brevard County and the beachside with the absolute best cooling and heating repairs and installation and we have the ability to bring geothermal systems to homes on the Space Coast.

Geothermal cooling and heating utilizes the steady state temperatures of the earth to bring consistent quality air to your home. While outdoor temperatures fluctuate with the seasons, the temperature of the air within the earth remains relatively stable due to the insulating power of the ground. Geothermal systems use electricity to circulate the air from the ground into your home and vice versa using a system of underground pipes. In very simplistic terms, fluid is circulated through the pipes helping warm air from the earth heat your home in cold weather and during warmer months the indoor air is removed from indoors and deposited into the ground.

Space Age Cooling and Heating specialize in geothermal systems. We are certified by the International Ground Source Heat Pump Association and comply with the complex standards necessary for installation and service so you can trust our knowledge and expertise.

For those who are green minded, geothermal technology makes the most sense because it does not burn fossil fuels to cool and heat. A simple transfer of cool air from the ground during the winter months and warm air from the home back to the ground during summer months is all that is needed. No more coal or gas! Geothermal cooling and heating is environmentally friendly and can save your household money.

If geothermal heating and cooling sounds intriguing to you and you would like more information please contact us today. Our experts can provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision.

Lean, Green, and Geothermal

Who wouldn’t be interested in reducing their monthly bills AND doing so in an environmentally friendly way? Florida is one of the top states for the technology, leading the way in growth of demand for geothermal systems. If a homeowner is serious about conservation and reducing costs over the long-term, they should definitely consider a geothermal heating and cooling system. Hiring a qualified and experienced Melbourne, FL air conditioning contractor to get the job done can eliminate excruciating headaches when it comes to your home cooling.

Discussion of the weather is an oft-used comedy trope in plays and movies, but what is rarely recognized by many is that the temperature below the earth remains relatively consistent year-round. It is this characteristic of the earth from which geothermal heating and cooling derives its benefits.

Geothermal processes incorporate this tendency of the earth’s temperature to remain stable into a source of heat for the winter and an escape for heat, or heat sink, during the summer, reducing reliance on costly electricity. The system may be referenced by different terms: geoexchange, ground-water assisted water-to-water, water furnace heating and cooling, etc. but the concept stays the same.

Generally, the heating process gets top billing in more northerly climes, but here in Florida, let’s talk about cooling first!

The cooling process consists of extracting the heat from the home environment and can either be moved to heat the hot water tank or be moved into the geothermal system consisting of an earth loop. A discussion of the different types of loops would be a good topic for another blog; but, basically, the loop consists of a series of underground pipes.

During the heating cycle, a heat pump extracts heat from the ground and distributes it conventionally through a home’s duct system. Again, the heat can be repurposed for additional uses, such as heating water or warming the floors.

The benefits of geothermal technology are many and varied:

Clean for the Environment

Without the need to burn fossil fuels or depend heavily on electricity, geothermal systems benefit the environment by operating cleanly.

Efficient and Cost-Effective

Homeowners looking to reduce their monthly heating and cooling bills by 50% or more may be interested in what geothermal systems can provide. It is important to understand that it is an investment and will initially cost more. However, the savings over the long-term are quite worthwhile, making it critical that the savvy homeowner understand the tradeoff.


Geothermal units do not require yearly maintenance since they are protected from the elements; they are quire reliable.

Any homeowner looking to replace or upgrade their heating and cooling systems should familiarize themselves with the benefits that geothermal technology can provide. Saving money and simultaneously going green are now critical pieces of the American dream.