Protect Your ACCooling your home is one of the most important things you will do to battle the scorching heat. The bristling summer heat makes moving indoors quite a refuge. If you have ever had to suffer through several days without air you know exactly what we are speaking of. It just isn’t fun. Not only that, it is not safe. It is vital to protect your AC unit because replacing it can be an added expense that many don’t prepare for in advance.

According to Home Advisor $5,206 is the average national cost to install a new AC unit and of the over eight thousand purchases they surveyed consumers generally spent between three and seven thousand dollars. That is no small sum. In all honesty there are things you can do at home to help protect your outside unit from damage. Space Age Cooling and Heating wants to give you information to help protect the life of your cooling unit. Here are two common issues that can affect your unit here in Florida and what you can do to protect your AC.

The Blazing Sun

It is hard to get away from the sun here in the Sunshine state! Even the afternoon rain showers don’t provide enough shade to do much. Cloudy days are a rarity as well. The goal is to protect your condenser, the outside portion of your air conditioner, from the rays of the sun. So what can you do to protect your AC unit? Try building a simple awning to cover your unit. If that’s out of the question strategically placed shrubbery and bushes could be the fix. If you are going the gardening route be sure that your plants aren’t too close to the unit and keep them trimmed back.

Salty Air

Here in Brevard County we are blessed with a tropical climate and the Atlantic Ocean is just a few miles or a few steps away depending on your location. Salt causes erosion to metal and your outside unit can be compromised in no time because of it. To decrease salt build up, try putting a hose to your condenser on a routine basis. The longer the salt builds up the harder it is to remove but if you are strategic you can rinse some of the salt away before it causes damage.

You can also increase the life of the coils with a variety of special coatings that can add an extra layer of defense. There are several available on the market. If this task seems daunting then you need to call a qualified Melbourne FL HVAC contractor. We can give you expert advice or do the job for you so you don’t waste valuable time and money.

You undoubtedly spent a lot of time choosing your new cooling system or are hoping that the one you do have lasts. Do yourself a favor and take some of these suggestions to heart. Space Age Cooling and Heating wants to help you extend the life of your unit and save you money!

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