Heating and Cooling Repairs- Is Your AC Ready for the Hurricane Season?

The 2017 hurricane season is right around the corner. It officially runs from June 1st- November 20th. According to many official forecasts, there will be an above-average number or storms. The predictions are that there will be a total of 11 names storms and four hurricanes (predictions by The Tropical Meteorology Project from Colorado State University). As Florida residents we know that it is important to take hurricanes seriously. Many consider the preparations that need to be taken for a potential storm- things like adequate food, sufficient battery supply, alternative power sources such as generators, and candles top the list. But what about your cooling system? Is your AC ready for this hurricane season? Space Age Cooling and Heating wants your AC to survive the storm. So we put together a list of some tips to help you protect your AC from a hurricane.

How to Prepare Your AC for a Hurricane

Despite we may have many predictions and forecasts about this coming hurricane season, the truth is- no one really knows what will happen. Thankfully, tropical storms and hurricanes make their presence known before they hit home, so you have time to prepare. Here are some of the things you can do before the storm strikes:

  1. Clear your AC unit from any debris and remove potential flying objects

    Look for things like patio furniture, potted plants, bikes, grills tools and other objects that can fly causing any damage. It’s the best to keep those items in a safe place and secured- you can bring them inside or store them in your garage. Cut any tree limbs that may potentially be dangerous to your AC unit as well as your roof, windows and anything else around your house.

  2. Set your thermostat to run a few degrees cooler.

    By doing it, you will cool off your house before the storm or hurricane comes as you will need to turn your AC off during the actual storm.

  3. Turn off your AC during the storm.

    Erratic power conditions along with lightening strikes and outages can wreak havoc on your AC if it is turned on so, while it may be tempting, keep the air conditioner off. The stress of fluctuating power can really mess up key components of your unit like the air compressor and long after the storm has passed you may have to spend big bucks to replace them.

  4. Cover your AC unit with a tarp or homemade plywood structure

    Even if you clear your area from potential debris, extreme wind can cause debris to fly from anywhere else and strike your outdoor AC Unit. Covering it with a tarp can help prevent damage from such flying debris. Just make sure you turn your AC off before covering it.

  5. If you have a window ac unit, remove the unit and seal the opening.

  6. If necessary, secure your outdoor air conditioner with hurricane straps.

    This will help to protect your air conditioning from flying away in the event of strong winds.

  7. Get a backup generator

    In the event of power outage caused by a storm or hurricane, a backup generator will help you to run your AC and keep your home cool.

Heating and Cooling Repairs After the Hurricane

Heating and cooling repairs

After the storm passes and it is safe to go outside, make sure you inspect your AC unit before turning it on. Never turn on your air conditioning right a way. Here are couple of things you should do first:

  1. Make sure your AC unit wasn’t under the water.
  2. Remove the tarp or plywood structure and inspect for any signs of damage
  3. Remove any debris around the AC unit.
  4. Inspect electrical lines running from your AC

If there is any sign of damage or you are not sure- it’s best to have your unit inspected by a professional. Running air conditioner with a problem may be destructive to your unit and cause a lot of problems. Not to mention that heating and cooling repairs may be very expensive. At Space Age Cooling we are here to help if you need to have your unit inspected or if you need any repairs. We offer heating and cooling repairs in the following areas: Melbourne, Satellite Beach, Melbourne Beach, Cocoa Beach, Indialantic, Indian Harbour Beach, South Patrick Shores and surrounding beachside areas. You can contact us for your free estimate.

Turn your AC on as soon as it is safe to do so to prevent the growth of mold in the unit and ductwork systems. High humidity and increased heat bode well for the growth of bacteria and mold and you want to stifle that environment as soon as you can. Plus, you and your family will relish the cool air after a few hours or days without it. Hurricane season can be devastating and very stressful time for you and your family. Preparing ahead of times can release some of that stress and save you a lot of money afterwards.

Replace or Repair?

Replace or RepairHave you been experiencing higher electric bills as of late? Summer months lend themselves to an increase in energy expenditures due to the need for a cooler setting on the thermostat for central air conditioners. However, you may be paying more because your HVAC unit is on the fritz.

If you have had to call a Melbourne, Fl air conditioning company more and more then maybe it is time to consider replacing your unit. Replacing an AC unit is something that many dread but you can trust the experts at Space Age to provide you with the best information available. We can provide you with stellar AC repair in Melbourne, FL. We can also assist you in determining whether or not it is time to replace your unit and guide you every step of the way.

So how do you know when it is time to bite the bullet and make a change? When should you call for a repair? Ask yourself these questions.

How old is your Air Conditioner

10 years is a benchmark for AC units. If yours is older than this it may be time to consider replacing it with a more efficient unit.

Humidity in Your Home

One of the functions of an air conditioner is to help control humidity in your home. If you are experiencing wet air inside and repairs just aren’t doing the trick it could be time to replace your unit.

Unequal Cooling and Heating

Is your bedroom freezing while your office is steamy? If different areas in your home are cooler or warmer than others this could be indicative of an issue with the insulation or equipment. Your ductwork could also be to blame.


If your ducts are leaking dust can be pulled from different areas throughout your home and redistributed. It may be time for a replacement in this case.

Your AC is LOUD

If your AC is going bump in the night this could spell trouble for your AC. Maybe something is amiss with your ductwork and it has to work overtime. The coil portion of the indoor equipment that cools your home could be awry.

There are several things to consider when deciding between replacing your cooling unit and repairing it. If you have question we have answers! Contact Space Age Cooling & Heating today and let us help you get to the root of your problems.

Simple Ways To Protect The Life Of Your HVAC Unit

Space Age Heating and Cooling in Brevard County, FL is all about reducing costs for our clients and serving customers with the utmost in integrity and professionalism. That’s why our Melbourne FL air conditioning service calls are always free and we offer a 12-month buy back guarantee. Yep, you read that right! We give you an entire year to decide whether our services were worth it. If they aren’t then we give you your money back. We know a lot is riding on the performance of your HVAC unit especially now that summer is in full swing in the Sunshine State.

Our commitment to cost effectiveness and customer service like no one else also incorporates providing you with tips to keep your unit running at its best. Believe it or not, there are some simple things you can do, apart from scheduling a yearly maintenance check, to help keep your AC functioning at its absolute best and to protect the life of your HVAC unit.

Summer is definitely the time for backyard barbecues not cozy dinners made on your range or in the oven. Remember heat gains? With all the additional heat created during the sweltering summer months don’t add to your home’s heat gains by overdoing it with inside cooking apparatuses. You can still entertain and have delicious home cooked meals but go for the grill. It could save you a ton in energy output from your cooling unit.

Check your thermostat every single day. Are you one to keep it blasting cool air even when you are not at home? If so, you are needlessly cooling a space no one is occupying. If you have a programmable thermostat adjust it for times when you will be outside of the home and prep it for your return. This is especially true for traveling. Don’t keep your home frigid on the inside when you will be gone weeks even days at a time. You will only be throwing your money away.

You can also attempt to set your thermostat at a higher temp. This choice isn’t for everyone. But if you think you can handle your home at a slightly higher temperature go for it. No programmable thermostat? No problem. Space Age Heating and Cooling can send out an expert and assist you with an upgrade.

Electronic devices such as televisions and lamps give off a ton of heat and if they are placed too close to your thermostat this can spell increased energy expenditures. If possible, keep electrical devices away from your thermostat. This is a simple fix that can save you big.

Check your filters often. The general recommendation for home filters is every 3 months but depending on multiple factors such as home environment and the type of filter you use it could be sooner or later. If you have pets or a large family you may need to change your filter more often than not.

The time to consider the reliability of your air conditioning unit is now. By taking a few simple steps you can keep your cool and your money all at the same time. Space Age Heating and Cooling is always available to answer questions and meet your needs. Remember, our service calls are always free so why not contact us today if you think you may be in need of anything.