Choose an ENERGY STAR Model Air Conditioner

Considering an upgrade or replacement for your air conditioning system can feel like a daunting process. You have most likely encountered ENERGY STAR models during your search and wondered what this even means. There are many things to consider when choosing the right HVAC unit. This is not a decision that most can make on their own so it is always wise to call your trusted Melbourne, Florida air conditioning professional. We service all of Brevard County and the beachside with the most knowledgeable professionals on the Space Coast. We never offer you services and repairs that you do not need. If you are in need of a heating and cooling system, and are wondering about ENERGY STAR models, here’s some helpful information.

Cooling and heating costs the average American household roughly $875 a year! This number is higher with outdated HVAC systems. Did you know there is something you can do to cut back on these costs by 30%? It’s as simple as choosing a cooling and heating system that has been ENERGY STAR recommended by the Environmental Protection Agency. Proper installation by the experts at Space Age is the other factor in the supreme cost and energy saving benefits of EPA approved models.

ENERGY STAR appliances meet strict standards and guidelines set forth by the EPA When you purchase one of these models you can rest assured that your HVAC unit is saving energy all while creating a comfortable environment within your home. There are many options to choose from and by visiting the Consortium For Energy Efficiency website you can do a specific search to help you find the right model for your needs. Not every heating and cooling mechanism qualifies for the ENERGY STAR label and models that meet standards for the program must prove that their appliances will recoup expenses and provide savings or risk losing the backing of the EPA.

In order to get the most out of your ENERGY STAR central air conditioner, with regards to efficiency and energy savings, it must be paired with an updated blow motor. This portion of a heating and cooling system is typically part of the furnace and is responsible for distributing cool air throughout the ductwork.

For those replacing their central air conditioners, it is generally recommended that the furnace be replaced at the same time to meet this requirement. If your furnace is over 15 years old, it is best to replace it at the same time. An ENERGY STAR rated central air conditioner will not function properly with an outdated blow motor thus nullifying its energy efficiency capabilities.

There is a lot to consider when replacing or choosing a new air conditioner. Space Age Cooling and Heating has professionals on hand and ready to help you make the best decision. No question is too small and no issue is too big. Contact us today with any questions you have.

How To Choose A Trustworthy Contractor

Here at Space Age Cooling and Heating we know that you have many choices when it comes to HVAC installation, service, and repair. We also know that your house is more than a structure, it is your home. It is the place where you expect to be safe and free from the stress of subpar work on behalf of the contractors you allow to work on your heating and cooling system. We have a long track record of superior service and repeat customers because we take what we do very seriously.

Space Age is one of just a few HomeAdvisor Top Rated professionals with zero complaints. We know the HVAC industry inside and out and look forward to serving you now and in the future.

That being said, we want you to know exactly how to choose a HVAC contractor you can trust. Here are some tips on finding the perfect company to work on your behalf.

Ask Around

Don’t let a company’s website fool you. In this day and age anyone can say anything regarding competency. Look for trusty advice from friends and neighbors with real world experience from the contractor in question.

Ask for Proof

Make sure the company is licensed, bonded, and insured. This provides you, the consumer, with added protection and verifies the claims made by said company.

Never Pay Upfront

If a contractor asks for payment BEFORE the work is done, turn around and walk away. This is a sign that you could be saying good-bye to your hard earned money before the work has even started.

Require an In-Person Estimate

Scheduling estimates can be a pain. We know. However, a contractor that says he or she can fix your HVAC unit without seeing it in person is one you should not trust. True professionals take the time to take an exhaustive look at your appliance and see for themselves the issue at hand. If a contractor cannot make the time to see you in person, they probably aren’t right for the job.

Don’t Trust Someone Who Won’t Perform Diagnostics

Sure, your cooling system isn’t functioning at its best. That’s why you called a contractor. Contractors who never perform any diagnostic tests to see if a simple repair will do the job fool many unknowing citizens into thinking they need a replacement HVAC system. A good contractor will check to see if something can be fixed BEFORE they suggest a replacement.

Introducing Puron

One of the most important considerations when purchasing a new home is the state, or lack thereof, of the air conditioning unit. A unit that is old may not have much life left and could require you to make a major purchase to upgrade to a new unit much sooner than you’d prefer.

But what if the unit isn’t that old? It still cools just fine, but sometime in the distant future, you will need to replace it. This may seem like a win for you, but there are some things you should know about older units that could be deal breakers AC. units before the year 2010 were created using the refrigerant A-22. This substance is often referred to as Freon. Freon, in and of itself refers to a class of coolants used in car air conditioning units, refrigerators, and commercial and residential air conditioners.

The use of Freon in AC units created after 2010 has been outlawed due to The Montreal Protocol. The purpose of this worldwide initiative developed in 1987 is to eliminate the use of chemicals that deplete the ozone layer and contribute to pollution on multiple levels. Freon is one of these contributing pollutants. As of 2010 all new cooling systems are required to be built without it. If your unit was made before 2010 don’t worry. Freon will still be used as the refrigerant. The new ruling only affects models made after 2010.

With the exit of Freon as the main refrigerant in older model AC’s what is one to do? Never fear! The new kid on the block is cooler and more efficient. Let us introduce R-410A to you. R-410A is used in home air conditioning units made after 2010 and is sometimes called Puron, a brand name. R-410A is an HFC, hydro-fluorocarbon, and does not deplete the ozone like its predecessor R-22A a hydro-chlorofluorocarbon n or HCFC.

How’s that for a technical lesson? And how does this apply to you?

R-410A, or Puron, does not damage the atmosphere and AC units using this are created to run in a much more efficient manner which equates to savings for the average homeowner. Models using Puron are made to utilize the higher pressure that R-410A uses and thus can handle the strain so you don’t have to worry about your unit fizzling out with the use of Puron.

There is a lot to consider when purchasing a home with an older model AC unit. Will it live up to your family’s demands? Will it run efficiently? Could a new air conditioner mean higher savings in the long run? Space Age Cooling and Heating services all of Brevard County and the beaches. Contact us today with your cooling questions and one of our experts will help put your mind at rest.

Brevard County AC Repair Done Right

Brevard County, FL is one of the most beautiful places on Earth. Gorgeous beaches and beachside living abound. Unfortunately, so does the heat. Your air conditioner is working overtime to keep your family cool and Space Age Cooling and Heating wants your home to be a respite of relief and not a haven of havoc. From Melbourne to Cocoa Beach and everywhere in between we service air conditioning units with the most knowledgeable and experienced staff in the business. We know Brevard County air conditioners inside and out and we want to keep you cool during the blasting heat.

Is your HVAC unit on the fritz? Are you sweltering inside your own home? Perhaps it is time to call in a service expert to remedy the problem. But…how do you know what company to choose? Here are some tips so you don’t get burned.

  • Make sure the company is silenced, bonded, and insured. It’s easy for anyone to call himself or herself a repairperson but without the correct credentials you just don’t know whom you are really dealing with.
  • Get references. This is crucial. Ask around and see what your neighbors, family, and friends have to say about the contractor. Just because a company has a familiar name does not mean they are the best for your needs. Ask questions and go from there.
  • Space Age Cooling and Heating has been given stellar reviews time and again and we invite you to see what satisfied customers have said about us. We stand behind our work and can confidently evaluate your situation and provide you with sound quality work.
  • Is the company familiar with your system? For systems that are more technically advanced such as geothermal cooling you have to have an expert. Space Age Cooling and Heating has the ability to service these types of systems.

The company you choose should be capable of handling your machinery and not just everyone will be able to do so. Choose wisely.