Choose an ENERGY STAR Model Air Conditioner

Considering an upgrade or replacement for your air conditioning system can feel like a daunting process. You have most likely encountered ENERGY STAR models during your search and wondered what this even means. There are many things to consider when choosing the right HVAC unit. This is not a decision that most can make on their own so it is always wise to call your trusted Melbourne, Florida air conditioning professional. We service all of Brevard County and the beachside with the most knowledgeable professionals on the Space Coast. We never offer you services and repairs that you do not need. If you are in need of a heating and cooling system, and are wondering about ENERGY STAR models, here’s some helpful information.

Cooling and heating costs the average American household roughly $875 a year! This number is higher with outdated HVAC systems. Did you know there is something you can do to cut back on these costs by 30%? It’s as simple as choosing a cooling and heating system that has been ENERGY STAR recommended by the Environmental Protection Agency. Proper installation by the experts at Space Age is the other factor in the supreme cost and energy saving benefits of EPA approved models.

ENERGY STAR appliances meet strict standards and guidelines set forth by the EPA When you purchase one of these models you can rest assured that your HVAC unit is saving energy all while creating a comfortable environment within your home. There are many options to choose from and by visiting the Consortium For Energy Efficiency website you can do a specific search to help you find the right model for your needs. Not every heating and cooling mechanism qualifies for the ENERGY STAR label and models that meet standards for the program must prove that their appliances will recoup expenses and provide savings or risk losing the backing of the EPA.

In order to get the most out of your ENERGY STAR central air conditioner, with regards to efficiency and energy savings, it must be paired with an updated blow motor. This portion of a heating and cooling system is typically part of the furnace and is responsible for distributing cool air throughout the ductwork.

For those replacing their central air conditioners, it is generally recommended that the furnace be replaced at the same time to meet this requirement. If your furnace is over 15 years old, it is best to replace it at the same time. An ENERGY STAR rated central air conditioner will not function properly with an outdated blow motor thus nullifying its energy efficiency capabilities.

There is a lot to consider when replacing or choosing a new air conditioner. Space Age Cooling and Heating has professionals on hand and ready to help you make the best decision. No question is too small and no issue is too big. Contact us today with any questions you have.

What You Can Do About Humidity in Your Home

Humidity is something residents of Brevard County experience all year. Thanks to our tropical climate, beaches, and sunny weather humidity is just something we have to learn to deal with. The water vapor in the air hangs around like a wet blanket and while that may make for comfortable fall and winter weather, it is atrocious for the air quality within your home. If you have ever experienced a moisture issue inside your house then you know just how uncomfortable, and potentially dangerous, it can be. Whether you live in Melbourne Beach, Indialantic, Satellite Beach, or Cocoa Beach, humidity is probably something you have to manage on a daily basis. Picking the right Melbourne FL HVAC contractor is essential.

Humidity can cause major mayhem on the interior of your home. Soggy carpets are a breeding ground for mold. Wood flooring responds to fluctuations in temperature and humidity too. As moisture conditions change, so does the wood absorbing or loosing moisture in response to changes in the air. Tile flooring is much more capable of handling humidity in the air and is why many Floridians choose this type of flooring.

Ever noticed the paint on the walls of your home peeling or developing bubbles? This is evidence of a humidity issue. Humidity begins as a cosmetic issue, but if not addressed, will develop into a health hazard. The wet air and dark spaces behind walls and ceilings are the perfect breeding ground for mold and bacteria. Once you have a mold issue, major work will need to be done in order to make your home habitable again.

Items you have in storage can also be affected by excess moisture in the air. If the indoor humidity is above 60, your dry goods will become stale. Can goods will rust and swell making them inedible. Your clothing and seasonal decorations can be affected too. When you put these things away, especially in the attic, make sure adequate ventilation is available.

Are you concerned about humidity in your home? Space Age Cooling and Heating in Brevard County can help you address the problem and provide you with a viable solution. Our purification system will have you living comfortably and with confidence knowing the excess humidity is gone and the health problems it can create along with it.

How Can I Improve Indoor Air Quality

When many people visualize air pollution, a gray picture of dense hazy fog hanging lugubriously over skyscrapers in heavily populated urban areas usually comes to mind. Tall coal stacks exhaling detritus into the air and black smoke from useless mufflers are other images that convey polluted air.

Sounds gross right? But, did you know that your indoor air quality could be polluted as well? You may not have a plume of gray smoke hanging about your ceiling but that does not mean that pollutants are not affecting the air in your home. Obvious things like cigarette smoke and toxic chemicals are sources of pollutants but so are things like damp carpet and pet dander.

Home cleaning products, left over asbestos, glues used for hobbies and combustible items like gas, oil, coal and wood can also be to blame. It isn’t necessarily the compound or chemical but rather the amount of it that is emitted into the air and the hazardous nature of the source that should be taken into account. Your Melbourne FL HVAC specialist wants to share some tips to clean up your air and live a healthier life.

So what can you do to clean up your air?

Remove Toxic Sources

Some cleaning agents may remove the muck from your counter tops but can cause harm to you so opt for “greener” options like vinegar if you can. Phthalates, a common agent used in items that have a fragrance, can mess with your endocrine system. Try unscented products next time you need to freshen up. Ammonia is another common cleaning agent that can seriously affect those with breathing or lung problems. According to Experience Life, Vodka can easily be used in place of ammonia for a streak free shine.

These are only a few examples of potential hazardous materials in your home cleaning closet so take a few moments and examine your favorite cleaning supplies before using them next time. Healthier alternatives are available for most things.

Monitor Carbon Dioxide

Carbon Dioxide is an odorless deadly gas that can strike without warning unless you are prepared. By simply installing a carbon dioxide detector you can breathe easier knowing you and your loved ones will be alerted in case of detection.

Get Rid of Humidity

Humid conditions are just a fact of life in Brevard County, FL and Space Age Cooling and Heating knows just that. But all that wet air can be a breeding ground for mold and bacteria that only pollutes your indoor air even further. We have products and equipment that can assist you in controlling and eliminating the humid air in your home and we would love to talk to you about them today.

Indoor air quality, or a lack thereof, plays a vital role in the health of you and your family. Air pollution is not something you can avoid entirely by staying indoors and that is why it is crucial that you do all you can to rid your home of toxins and hazards. Breathe easy friends!

How to Keep Your Air Conditioner Safe During a Storm

Air Conditioner Safe During StormBrevard County is anxiously awaiting the arrival of tropical storm Erika. Currently Erika is classified as a tropical storm brewing out in the Atlantic but could reach hurricane status in the next few days and that means residents on the mainland and beachside should be prepping for the worst-case scenario.

When many consider the preparations that need to be taken for a potential storm adequate food, sufficient battery supply, alternative power sources such as generators, and candles top the list, but what about your cooling system? Have you given any thought to this important appliance and how you should prepare it for such an event?

Space Age Cooling and Heating wants your AC to survive the storm. We have some tips to keep your Melbourne FL HVAC running effectively no matter what Erika, or any other storm, may bring.

Before the Storm

Many natural disasters strike without a moments notice. Thankfully, we suppose, tropical storms and hurricanes make their presence known in the Atlantic before they hit home so you have time to prepare.

Make sure your AC unit is free from debris and remove potential flying objects as best you can before it is too late to get outside. Cut tree limbs, stow patio furniture and potted plants in a safe place, and cover your unit if possible.

Once you know the projected arrival time of the storm set your thermostat to run a few degrees cooler for a while and then turn your AC off. Will this result in a warmer home environment? In the long run, yes. However, setting your thermostat to a cooler temperature a few hours before tuning your unit off will allow for cooler air to fill your home once you turn the AC off.

During the Storm

While you may be feeling the heat inside your home do not turn your AC on. It isn’t safe first of all. Erratic power conditions along with lightening strikes and outages can wreak havoc on your AC if it is turned on so, while it may be tempting, keep the air conditioner off. The stress of fluctuating power can really mess up key components of your unit like the air compressor and long after the storm has passed you may have to spend big bucks to replace them.

After the Storm

Wait until the storm passes and it is safe to go outside and then turn on your HVAC as soon as possible. Be prepared for a delay in response time due to power disruptions that may have occurred during the downpour.

It is important to turn your AC on as soon as it is safe to do so to prevent the growth of mold in the unit and ductwork systems. High humidity and increased heat bode well for the growth of bacteria and mold and you want to stifle that environment as soon as you can. Plus, you and your family will relish the cool air after a few hours or days without it.

There are so many things that must be taken care of in the midst of a storm. First and foremost is the health and safety of your family. Take the necessary steps to keep your loved ones safe. This is your top priority! After that, try and remember to take into account your home appliances and cooling system.

Be safe out there Brevard!