Temperature Variation From Room to Room

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Have you ever gotten up from one room in your home, the living room for example, crossed the house to your bedroom and noticed a significant temperature change? One of the most common HVAC complaints is the noticeable temperature variation from room to room. The recent fluctuations in Brevard County, FL weather have had us all adjusting and readjusting our thermostats to accommodate the changes in outdoor temperatures. We definitely don’t need the added stress of severe diverse temperatures within our own homes!

This is often an issue for two storied homes due to the fact that the thermostat is located on the first floor. Once the desired temperature is reached on the first floor, the thermostat shuts off without accounting for the temps on the second floor. While the first floor may feel comfortable, the second floor can be too warm or cool making the second floor unbearable.

Single story homes such as the ranch style (one story homes that usually have a low slopped roof) bungalows (single story dwellings with distinctive pitched roof and often times an attic dwelling space), cottages, and many old-Florida type homes have their own set of issues with regards to uneven heating and cooling. There can be a discrepancy in temperature from one side of the house to another or within bedrooms.

If this sounds like a familiar scenario, Space Age Cooling and Heating in Brevard County, FL has some tips. We serve all of the Space Coast and beachside with the best heating repair and air conditioning services.

Make sure the fan on your thermostat is positioned to “on.” This will allow all the air within your home to be continually circulated moving cooler air to warmer areas and vice versa.

Make sure the air filters are not clogged.

Check for any leaks in your windows and doors.

Call Space Age and let us inspect your ductwork. If the ducts in your home are not sized correctly this could hamper airflow. If the ductwork is leaking, this could result in the temperature difference you are experiencing.

Sometimes the solution to your heating and air-conditioning problems is simple and other times it is not. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your heating and cooling system, call Space Age Cooling and Heating today.

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